What is Commercial Interior Design?

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January 22 Commercial, Commercial Design

Commercial interior design is the process of conceptualizing and planning the functional layout and aesthetic approach of a commercial space, such as a store, restaurant, or office. At Hyline Construction, we have years of experience in interior design for commercial construction, from restaurant renovation and refurbishment to retail design and construction.

Commercial Interior Design Basics

Although residential and commercial interior design both involve the envisioning of how stylistic elements will affect the look and feel of a space, commercial design must have a heavy emphasis on the function of the room. When designing a business space, a commercial interior designer must take the following into consideration:

1.     Commercial Flow and Function

Any interior design for business purposes must take into account the intention of the space. If the space being designed is a restaurant, making sure that servers can easily get from the kitchen to their tables is just as important as the stylistic choices. A retail establishment should provide customers with an efficient way to move from shopping to paying. Interior design that considers the function of the space is vital for maximizing profits.

2.     Structural Details in Commercial Design

Commercial interior designers typically work closely with architects and contractors to ensure that any major design needs can correspond with structural planning during a build or renovation. Commercial design details that would call for collaboration include lighting, window and door placement, and even the general floor plan. For this reason, it is often best to find a custom commercial builder who also specializes in design.

3.     Commercial Design and Decoration

Interior designers for commercial spaces will play a large roll in picking themes and styles for a space. If a business owner already has a vision for their space in mind, a commercial interior designer will execute that vision in a way that is consistent and engaging.

Commercial Interior Design from Hyline Construction

Hyline Construction has been instrumental in the interior design and building of a variety of types of commercial spaces. Our experience and expertise have positioned us to design commercial spaces with precision and efficiency and every building that we design and build takes into account the neighbourhood and environmental features.

To learn more about what commercial interior design is, or to learn about any of our other custom home building services or commercial building services, please contact Hyline Construction at 604-889-5242 or fill out a contact form on our website.