Tips for Incorporating Timeless Design into Any Custom Home Style

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September 13 Residential, Custom Home Design, Custom Homes

These simple tips for incorporating timeless design into any custom home style can help you create a custom home that you and your family will love for years to come. At Hyline Construction, we understand how important it is for your home to include the latest features without erring on the side of trends that will go out of style in the near future. That is why we offer a wide range of residential custom home services that are tailored to each client’s specific needs.

1. Incorporate Trends Wisely

While trends can be a fun way to spice up any room in a custom home, it is important to use trendy pieces wisely and sparingly. Consider keeping trendy pieces limited to decorations that can easily be replaced when they go out of style. If you are in love with a trendy print or colour, incorporate it into a space in the form of throw pillows, accent rugs, artwork, or even wallpaper.

2. Maintain a Neutral Base

When designing a custom home, you should aim to maintain a neutral colour base for expensive items, such as flooring, high-quality furniture, kitchen cupboards, and appliances. Doing so will help create a timeless design that will not go out of style for a long time. If using a neutral colour palette is too boring for your taste, consider introducing brightly coloured accent walls or accessories, as these can easily be changed out at any time.

3. Utilize Clean Lines

One of the easiest ways to create a timeless design in a custom home is to utilize clean lines and simpler design choices. Decor items (everything from furniture to kitchen cabinets) that are overly detailed tend to go out of style much faster than their more simplistic counterparts.

4. Introduce Texture

Compared to colours or patterns, trendy texture pieces tend to offer a more timeless appeal. Consider introducing interesting textures in the form of rugs, window treatments, and ottomans for a trendy look that will last far longer.

5. Add in Elements That Suit Your Taste

Above all else, your custom home design should reflect your particular style. When creating a timeless custom home design, make sure to choose items that will make you happy, regardless of what is currently trendy. Chances are that you will be less likely to get tired of a piece if you have always been drawn to that particular style.

If you would like to learn more tips for incorporating timeless design into any custom home style, or if you are interested in our custom building services for residential or commercial properties, please contact Hyline Construction at 604-889-5242 or by filling out a contact form on our website.