Sustainable Custom Home Building Ideas

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June 25 Residential, Custom Home Building Tips, Custom Home Design, Green Building

Building green is not just a trend; it is a great way to keep ongoing home costs down and preserve the environment for future generations, and methods for sustainable building are becoming the standard for homes in many areas. At Hyline Construction, we incorporate a variety of sustainable custom home building ideas into the homes that we build for our clients to ensure they are as environmentally friendly as possible.

Ideas for Sustainable Custom Homes

During the design phase of a custom home, there are a variety of ideas that can be considered that contribute towards an environmentally friendly build and can help a home cut down on energy use once the family moves in. Many of these ideas are incredibly simple to implement and merely require a little extra planning. Some concepts for sustainable custom home building include:

Use Better Building Materials

The very materials that a home is made out of can have a massive impact on how green the home is. Some types of insulation can be made from recycled materials or plant-based resources to cut down on waste and toxicity. Using reclaimed materials, such as wood, steel, stone, and brick, can not only conserve building supplies but also give a home an excellent, highly coveted aesthetic.

Many siding and roofing options can also help to keep energy usage at a minimum. Living roof systems are a great way to insulate a custom home, and metal roofing or siding can greatly improve heat retention.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Lighting does not have to be purely about utility. When building a custom home, there are endless opportunities to incorporate unique light fixtures and many of these options can be made to be energy efficient. Light fixtures that use responsive technology will ensure that your home always has the proper amount of light for different times of the day.

Make Use of Natural Light

Allowing for plenty of natural light will also help to ensure that electricity use is limited during the day. Skylights and well-placed windows will let in sunlight and, with the right metallic oxide coating on the glass, these windows can adapt to be low-emissivity and keep your home’s temperature steady.

Conserve Water

The right fixtures and appliances can help your custom home to conserve water use. Dual-flush toilets, water-conserving faucets and shower heads, and Energy Star rated appliances can all help to keep water consumption down.

To learn more sustainable custom home building ideas, or if you are interested in getting started with any of our residential custom building services, please contact Hyline Construction at 604-889-5242 or fill out a contact form on our website.