Restaurant Construction Trends for 2019

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December 11 Commercial, Business Remodelling, Commercial Design

Whether you are designing and opening a new restaurant or renovating and updating an old one, knowing what is hip and happening for the new year can be a determining factor in making your establishment sensational. It can be hard to distinguish between a restaurant design trend that is a fad and one that is here to stay, which is why we, at Hyline Construction, have compiled this list of restaurant construction trends for 2019 that are sure to make an impression on your guests and keep your space relevant for years to come. At Hyline Construction, we offer a variety of custom commercial building services that cover every stage of the design-build process.

Reliable 2019 Design Trends for Restaurants

When picking themes, colours, layouts, and decorations for restaurant construction, it is always best to bear in mind what will enhance the guests’ eating experience. What works for one style of cuisine may not work well for another, so make sure the overall style layout matches up with the food and feel of the establishment. Some good options for restaurant construction trends for 2019 and beyond include:

Green Restaurant Construction

Building green is not just a fad; it is a restaurant building practice that is here to stay. By designing a restaurant that considers features of the surrounding landscape, is energy efficient, and cuts back on waste, you can show your clientele that you are an establishment that cares. This green restaurant construction can be reflected in the design by surrounding the visitors in garden-like greenery. Live plants lining the walls promote an ambience of health and naturalism. No matter what kind of theme or design you use, recycled elements go over well.

Clean Restaurant Construction & Clean Food

Another incredibly hot trend that is going to stick around is eating clean. Organic food without preservatives or additives is extremely popular and many restaurants are advertising the use of such ingredients. By factoring clean design lines, decluttering, and a minimalist aesthetic into a restaurant design, you can suggest that you cook with clean food. It is hard to go wrong with minimalism in restaurant construction.

Cozy and Comfy Restaurant Design

Soft lighting, wood accents, and plush chairs all help to create a restaurant design that is inviting and comfortable. Rustic modern farmhouse styles with comfortable furniture are timeless, popular, and offer a great photo opportunity for Instagrammers.

Community Focus and Open Restaurant Designs

People like to see a focus on community in their favourite restaurants. By using an open floor plan and incorporating a community table or sitting area in your restaurant construction, you can show your visitors that you care about building relationships. To take this concept a step further, open the kitchen up to the rest of the restaurant to remove the separation between staff and community.

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