Custom Home Layouts and Floorplans: What to Know Before You Begin

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May 16 Residential, Custom Home Design, Custom Homes

When designing your custom home, there is a lot to consider and it is easy to get overwhelmed. The custom home designers at Hyline Construction are experienced in helping clients design custom home layouts and floorplans. We know how to simplify the process to help our clients create a well-suited, well-appointed custom home floorplan without unnecessary stress.

Before you begin planning your custom home layout, there is key information you should know and share with your custom home designer to help ensure a successful outcome.

Understand the Restrictions and Allowances of your Custom Home Layout

Knowing the conditions of your property that can dictate the shape and function of your home is extremely important. Some examples of restrictions include:

  • Current bylaw and zoning regulations
  • Building footprint and size allowances
  • Tree restrictions and requirements
  • Encroachments, easements, and right of ways

In order to help you understand the full construction potential of your lot, the custom home builders from Hyline Construction will begin your home building process by formulating a Property Report that outlines restrictions and allowances.

Pinpoint Your Architectural Style

It is important that you are clear in your own vision so that your designer can best realize it for you. Is your ideal custom home a craftsman style with contemporary accents or is it a modern farmhouse with an industrial feel? Whichever direction you lean, seek out a variety of inspiration images and have in-depth conversations with your designer about which details you love and which you would prefer to skip.

Know Your Budget

Establishing your budget before you begin allows your designer to work within your allotted finances. During the design process, the custom home builders and designers at Hyline Construction will work closely with one another to communicate the opportunities and obstacles of each specific custom layout and floorplan in respect to budget and function. They are adept at maximizing budgets and skillfully value engineering layouts.

Prioritize Your Wishlist

Whether you have your heart set on expansive floor to ceiling windows or a backyard swimming pool, evaluate which architectural features are most important to you and create a priority list before you design. This will help your custom home designer incorporate your priority features into the initial layout and established budget, only adding secondary features as the budget permits.

Sunlight is Golden

Spend time on your land. Know where the sunlight shines at each time of day. Envision living on the property and decide which rooms you want to maximize that light. Discuss your lifestyle with your designer. Do you enjoy long leisurely mornings with coffee or prefer entertaining into the evening on the patio? Do you work from home and want your office daylit or do you enjoy an afternoon workout in your home gym? Your designer will be able to fuse both the landscape and the nuances of your lifestyle into your floorplan, delivering a fully customized home layout.

If you would like to learn more about the process of designing custom home layouts and floorplans, or if you are interested in any of our residential custom build services, please contact Hyline Construction at 604-889-5242 or fill out a contact form on our website.