5 Steps to Remodelling a Business Space

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October 11 Commercial, Business Remodelling, Commercial Design

Commercial renovations can be stressful, and they can hinder profits, so before getting started on any alterations to your workplace, it is important to bear in mind these 5 steps to remodelling a business space. At Hyline Construction, we understand that, although putting a new face on your business can help to increase profits in the long run, the process of renovating a business can be riddled with complications. To help our clients conquer these common difficulties, we offer a suite of commercial planning and remodelling services that will be custom-fitted to your redesign needs.

5 Steps to Remodelling a Business Space

The 5 steps to starting your business renovation are:

1. Research Your Workplace

There are a few things that most people do not know about their business space, and these things are vitally important to a renovation. The first thing to know is whether or not your Certificate of Occupancy permits your space to be used for your intentions. If you want to turn part of your storefront into a coffee shop, you may need to get the Certificate of Occupancy altered. This can be a lengthy process, and it is best to speak to a specialist.

Other items to research include the age of the electrical and plumbing, any vital structural features, and past uses and alterations to the space.

2. Develop a Schedule and Plan Ahead

Not everything always goes according to plan when it comes to workplace renovations, but it is important to have a well-developed schedule for the project anyway. Knowing what you want to remodel is important for this stage. Keeping in mind factors like traffic flow, lighting, and storage is helpful when planning out different sections. Planning where small things like new electrical outlets and switches are going ahead of time can save a lot of hassle later on.

3. Bring in the Right People

This can often be done alongside scheduling, as sometimes the contractor’s timing does not correlate with your own. Ask around about the people you are hiring. Make sure that your contractor and architect are certified, insured, and recommended by reliable sources. At Hyline Construction, we are proud of the way people talk about us after we finish a job for them.

4. Be Prepared to Make Changes

Workplace renovations do not always proceed as planned. While it is good to stick to the original vision, being adaptable and heeding the advice of your contractor can save you from trouble. As the job progresses, new issues that were not obvious at the start of the project can arise and, if not handled with flexibility, these issues can affect the outcome of your custom business renovation.

5. Put on the Finishing Touches

This is usually the fun part. Choosing colours, displays, artwork, and the general aesthetic of your workplace gives you a chance to establish its personality. Many builders and architects like those employed by Hyline Construction have an eye for this and will work with you to find a look that represents your values well.

To learn more about our custom building services or talk to somebody about the 5 steps to renovating a business space, contact Hyline Construction at 604-889-5242 or by fill out a contact form on our website.