4 Floor Plan Ideas to Enhance Your Custom Home

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January 15 Residential, Custom Home Design, Custom Homes

One of the most exciting parts about building a custom home is getting to pick a floor plan that works perfectly for you and your family. Depending on your lifestyle, some floor plan ideas will work for you and others will fall flat, so it is a good idea to take note of components that you like from different homes. We, at Hyline Construction, have a wealth of experience in custom residential design and build projects and, from this experience, we have devised 4 floor plan ideas to enhance your custom home.

Floor Plan Ideas for Custom Homes

When devising a floor plan for your custom home, it is worth remembering that your dream home still needs to be practical and suit whatever land it is being built on. For this reason, it is good to consult a custom home designer that can help execute your vision. Some great ideas for a custom home floor plan include:

1.     Open Floor Plan

The open floor plan has become quite popular in recent years and it remains an excellent way to showcase a space and build a free-feeling environment. Open floor plans allow your family to live life together, no matter what room of the house you are in. For instance, rather than walling off your kitchen, build a counter island and put barstools on one side.

2.     Designs for Outdoor Living

Whether it is by building a large deck with a lot of sitting space or by planning for large windows that showcase your yard, incorporating the great outdoors into a custom home floor plan can help make the space feel bright and natural.

3.     Home Office Floor Plan

If you know that you are going to be using your custom home as an office, you might as well build it to optimize workflow. Making the office accessible but separate from the custom floor plan might help streamline work down the road. If the office is accessible directly from the entryway, clients will not have to walk through the whole home for a meeting.

4.     Floor Plans for Entertaining

For people who love to host, having a floor plan that is built for entertaining guests is ideal. This type of design focuses on living and dining areas and often features recreational aspects, such as an entertainment centre, theatre room, or gaming area, as the focal point.

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